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I like saying I am a son of an iron and glass craftsman.

I did train in the art of wood through the ebony school laboratories to my parents workshop, experimenting and manipulating the raw material, always curious of the fascinating and meaningful process of making things.

I try to convey an idea with few signs and few colours: I love white and black, traditional materials and the “subtraction” as a design methodology.

I love pure forms and I am inspired by the 60`s for the positive feeling of those years.

I like technology which should not be openly revealed, but intrinsic to a project.

I listen to silence with pleasure and I call myself a “slow addict” in its full meaning.

I like giving shape to materials without forcing its nature but going along with it and making obvious its potential.

I hope to raise curiosity and give pleasure to whoever is using my products which I hope they are true and intelligent ….or better wisely true.

<    photo Alvise Barsanti

Self taught designer, after a short course in industrial design at Domus Academy in Milan, he starts working at 28 years old and designs his first ceramic and interior decoration products for Bosa and Progetti.

In 2006 he begins his collaboration in furniture design with Sphaus, Caoscreo and Skitsch.

From 2001 he works as a freelancer for different companies within the homeware, appliances, bathroom and lighting sector for FLOS.

From concept to product and project development, he gains in depth knowledge of different materials, production and manufacturing processes

He has taken part to several events and exhibitions in Italy and abroad gaining positive reviews and awards at international competitions.

His products have been featured on well-known international design magazines.

Works and lives in Verona.

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